9:10 pm - Sun, Apr 20, 2014

First of all:


Second: I noticed myself being tormented by overthinking. Of course, I have had family members tell me I do this and that that is not good and I need to socialize more, but i was always like,

" Yeah, whatever. I’m going to be smarter than your daughter when I finish this heavenly book! Ha ha. YOU’RE JUST A JEALOUS AUNTIE!"

Okay, so maybe it was always a little bit more like this:

"Uh, well reading is fun, but maybe I’ll try that…" *go back to reading or thinking*

I realised that all my time I basically spend reading, thinking, or listening to music and I have come to the realization that this is not the greateest thing. Stil don’t get me? I’ll try and explain:

1. My social skills are lacking with everyone. Seriously.

2. After recently having a failed nothing(almost relationship that failed before it started…how brilliant…) I noticed me thinking so hard on everything I was doing and I was always questioning the acceptance of something. This is poison.

3. Not only is over analyzing(the above point) bad, i also am not very good at this important thing called listening. Not only in the snobby teenager sort of way( which i still do sometimes) but in the way that I will get so caught up in my own fantasies that real life has little to no importance so I ignore it. 


After realizing these things that I do I am trying to treat each one. For No.1 I am trying to smile at people and work on my communication and social skills more. No.2 I am trying to just go with the flow of what I want and what pops into my head at first thought while still using my maturity (lol…what maturity, Kat?). No.3 I am trying to actually listen and participate to what is going on around me rather than what is going on inside my head because I am that one girl who sits there and laughs at your jokes and smiles but everything I want to say doesn’t come out because It already came out in my head and blah. Im the silent one that isn’t silent at all in y own head. Ugh.

Can I say that again? I think so.


12:48 pm - Sat, Apr 5, 2014
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Okay, so I know I did not post the rest of the spring break, and I’m sorry and I haven’t been posting. It’s only because I’ve had so much work lately and I got invited to join a band, and I’m just so excited and trying to get a new guitar AHHHHHHH I’m sorry for screwing with you!



Okay, so I know I did not post the rest of the spring break, and I’m sorry and I haven’t been posting. It’s only because I’ve had so much work lately and I got invited to join a band, and I’m just so excited and trying to get a new guitar AHHHHHHH I’m sorry for screwing with you!

3:24 pm - Wed, Mar 12, 2014

Spring Break: Tuesday

I do realize I am a bit late on posting this, but yesterday was incredibly stupid.

Well, Monday night I went to stay at my cousins house and that was pretty fin. I learned that I cannot play ping pong at all. I watched Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. Stayed up til 6 in the morning. Watched the latest episode of Bates Motel (ahhhhh the FEELS!). Thought about talking parents into going to Ireland. Didn’t work. 

Screw it, I just saw John Green on Teen React!!!!! aaahhhhhahhhhhahhhahhahhhahhhhh!!!!

I need to go…get this fangirling under control…..


Read the Fault In Our Stars

2:14 am - Tue, Mar 11, 2014

Adventures: Breydon’s House

Kat: Why are they showing all these airplane movies?

Breydon: This isn’t a porn movie.

Kat: What…?



Kat: I said airplane.

Breydon: Oh.

Kat: hahahahahahahahahahha

Breydon: …….

5:02 pm - Mon, Mar 10, 2014

Spring Break - Monday: The Scooping Job

     Today is officially the first day of spring break for me. You must be thinking, “Oh, how lucky! She gets to sleep in till 3pm and veg out and watch the telly all day and, oh, it must be fabulous!” Well, you, my dear friend, are slightly correct, but I’m aiming for the negatives here. Today my beloved parents woke me up at about 10am and while this is sleeping in about 3 hours later, I still did not want to wake up. After doing a chore my parents had left for work and other things so I went back to sleep. My mum comes home i’d say an hour later and I’m forced to wake up again and get dressed for the day. Fine. Then she says I have a few chores today and that I’m not going to spend all week doing nothing. 

What? Did she just say…? Oh, no, she didn’t. Girl, you want a piece of me? You want a piece of me?

     While all of 1this1 was going on the told me I needed to do the job of poop scooping.


     Now if you havn’t been living under a rock or you own a pet or your at least a human being then you know that this is picking up some sort of animal feces. In my case, dog poop. I own, excuse me, my family owns 5 dogs and a perfect little kitty(actually grown and annoying, but I love him.). This was to be a big, fat, gross, and scary adventure. 

     I went outside and for an hour and a half I scooped little doggie feces into a bucket. Oh, how fun. I also realised that it was warm outside and the sun was showing and everything, it felt like early summer. Because I’m me I decided that I was in a cleaning mood and started rakeing all of the leaves in the yard, and this is a rather large yard. Until then, I hadn’t realised how much I had our carpet grass.

     Now there are four medium sized pile of leaves in our yard that I don’t know what to do with. 

5:03 pm - Sun, Mar 9, 2014

PD for Parental Dieting

So, for the past few weeks- i’d have to say about 3 now- my parents have been on a diet where they almost completely cut out sugar. Why? I have no idea, but they have rid the house of anything that has any taste in it and have started having shakes for breakfast. These aren’t the ones you buy from that over-priced, make-the-world-feel-bad-about-not-working-out store at the other end of a doughnut shop. No, no, these are the HOMEMADE ones with the berries, bananas, strawberries, and whatever other fruit you can find mixed with a bit of protien (like that isn’t enough). While I actually do like these, it is still the ONLY “sweet” thing that exists in my household. Come on parents, I respect you getting thinner and happier, but…give me my brownies! 

*This in no way is any offense to anyone on a diet*

4:46 pm

Starting Over

      So, I have several blogs, as you probably don’t know, and this one I couldn’t delete because it was the one I started with. This was the blog that never got used and was cluttered. Awful blogger, right? Well because I was in this predicament I decided to wipe it all clean and start over as a mainly text blogger. Thank goodness, my head was like, “Well isn’t this fantastic,” before! Well, just in case you are too lazy to hop over to my page- my topics will include anything that is me, really. This is music, style, and home decor, for the most part. I will try my hardest not to post stupid stuff. Anyways, this will be like a diary, kind of, for all you people. 

May I always be scatterbrained! x

12:49 pm - Tue, Jul 9, 2013
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Destruction Around Us

What they say, “The grass is not always greener on the other side” is very true. I’m not saying that only a portion of the world has turned into crap, Im saying that if someone were to see the whole world at once they would probably find themselves hiding for the rest of their lives. I dont know if anyone else has noticed but i sure have. Everyday there is a new tradgedy: a shooting, robbery, divorce, cheating, and killing. You name it and it has probably happened. My main question is why can we not just get along. We have one life on this earth, why cant we start living it to see other people smile. I guess my challenge today is the following: go and make a change. It doesnt matter how small but do something. like, give a little lunch to a homeless person or sit and talk with them, know their story, their background. Or even smiling as much as possible in one day makes others around you feel more invited and happier. Maybe even just a quick “hello” or “I love your shirt” or “where’d you get that watch?”. It can make a huge difference in the way people view you and the way you view people. Because believe it or not, people like being included, even if they say they dont. So, thanks guys. Have a good day.

10:16 am
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Anyone who has ever constructed a “new heaven” has discovered the power to do it nowhere but in his own hell.
Friedrich Nietzsche (via rauchwolken)
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